Sunday, April 10, 2011

State Makes Knowledge Illegal

In the closing days of this last Congress, a bill was quietly passed to reinforce the power of the Federal Government. This bill made it illegal to either possess or attempt to procure information regarding national defense that one would not ordinarily be allowed to have (I.E. that the Federals didn't say you can have). While the specifics of the law spell out such things as sketches and photographs, they also mention knowledge of an undefined nature. So now it is illegal for American "citizens" to know how the army will go about defending the rights of the Capitalists. This is an atrocity! How can the Federal Government claim to represent the people if it makes it illegal to know how it oppresses the people?

This insidious law whose sole aim is to squash the masses a little more under the boot heel must be resisted. Knowledge is not something that can be regulated. It must be free. Only by the free exchange of knowledge can we all see this world for what it is and liberate ourselves from such oppressions. This means the statists and capitalists know this, and specifically passed this law to further entrench themselves. We must resist this maneuver. This precious knowledge of "national defense" must be made available to all. To this end please, if you have such knowledge, share it, show it to as many people as possible, give it to the newspapers, do whatever must be done to get it out there! Only by making sure every one knows these "precious secrets" can we invalidate this insidious law. Only than can we be free. No gods, No masters!

Army Spies In U.S. Find New Law For Them [Bisbee Daily Review]

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