Saturday, April 2, 2011

Capitalists Distract Masses with Tripe

Today the Bisbee Daily Review committed the largest waste of newsprint I have ever seen. While a newspaper is supposed to help inform the public at large of current events, today's paper only served as a pedestal to elevate the Capitalists in the eyes of the poor and to encourage them to waste both time and energies drooling over the wares relatively few can afford. Twelve double-sided pages show image after image of what is "fashionable" and should be purchased. This is a complete waste of newsprint.

Fashion is not only unnecessary, it is in some sense counterproductive. This obsession with fashion and purchasing googaws is serving as an opiate to the masses. It distracts them with pretty trifles instead of showing this what is really going on in this world. It focuses the energies of the workers on the whims of the aristocratic minority. By doing this, they are not only encouraged to default to the Bourgiouse for decision making but are also encouraged to try and mimic them.

Instead of mimicking those who leach of of the workers, they should be fighting them. This obsession on fashion is dangerous! We must resist falling prey to its seductive charms. The trends in clothing are ultimately unimportant so long as workers die and children starve for capitalist profits. To that end, comrades, please both contact the offices of the Bisbee Daily Review and inform them of your displeasure about this last issue and continue resisting the heady appeal of the vile tripe that is fashion. Instead, concentrate on improving this world for the workers who build and maintain it, not on mimicking the idle habits of the wealthy capitalists. No Gods and No Masters comrades, no matter what they wear!

Fashion Edition Spring and Summer 1911 [The Bisbee Daily Review]

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