Sunday, April 24, 2011

Capitalists Frame Innocent Man

Capital is at it again, friends. According to the Washington Times, the Los Angeles District Attorney has pinned John J. McNamara as one of the bombers of the L.A. Times building. This is just preposterous! Frank Buchana, a member of the Federal House of Representatives, personally testified that there is no way Mr. McNamara, a long term colleague and friend, could be involved in this travesty! The fact that the experience of a member of a governing body, supposedly so dear to the statists, could be ignored just goes to show how little the capitalists care about the government, and who has the real power.

This is just an attempt by the Capitalist to suppress the power of the workers. Mr. McNamara is the secretary-treasure of the Bridge and Structural Iron Workers Union. As such, he is very influential in the union and is a thorn in the side of the capitalists. By ensuring he is sent to California, the Capitalists are ensuring he will be sent to prison, whether he deserves it or not.

We can not put up with this, comrades! Mr. McNamara is our comrade, and as such he deserves our support. All this man did was help the Iron Workers organize, and for this Capital has decided he doesn't deserve liberty! We are in a war comrades, a war with Capital. We must fight this oppression with all our might. Capital is trying to keep us turned under and afraid. They want us to be subservient and thankful for whatever crumbs we are given. We must remind Capital who has the power! That we as the workers are the ones who are really in charge! That we support Mr. McNamara and will stand in solidarity with him. We must inform them that we are free and that we no longer need the Capitalists. Only by doing this can we ensure that all people will be taken care of, and that none receives more than is their due. Only than will trials of this trumped up nature stop happening. Solidarity with Mr McNamara! Anarchy and Equality!

Labor To Defend J.J. McNamara As It Did Haywood [The Washington Times]
Buchanan Calls M'Namara Victim Of Big Conspiracy [The Washington Times]

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