Saturday, April 16, 2011

International Brigade Fighting For Free Mexico

As of yesterday, according to the Bisbee Daily Review, a major showdown is building in Auga Prieta, across the border form Douglas, Arizona. A force of approximately 850 freedom fighters is currently holding down the town with a reserve of around 700 waiting in the mountions beyond the reach of the federal troops, who number around 1400. While this will no doubt be a pitched battle, what is truly impressive is who makes up the Free Mexican forces. They include at least 40 Americans, and uncounted Yaqui Indians, Miami Indians, Chinese, and Japanese men. These foreigners who have gallantly volunteered to help free Mexico are a role model for us all!

These men show us the true nature of humanity. Lines on the map do not dictate who we are and what is right in this world. They saw an injustice across the border, and went to help. They looked beyond the differences and saw fellow humans, who they were more than willing to lend a hand to.

While I commend the Freedom Fighters for forming a truly international brigade, they must realize some of their own behavior is hindering the expansion of volunteer international involvement. Reports are surfacing that Freedom Fighter sentries are opening fire on any who cannot give the appropriate pass phrase when queried. Please, comrades in Free Mexico, learn from this grievous error. If you do not welcome in outsiders you won't get any more help from them. Instead, adopt a more welcoming stratagem of interviewing unknown individuals so that you might learn if they are willing to help you.

I believe that if you head my words you will find a great many people willing to help you. People who will see that your cause is just and right. People who will help you free your country so that we can than free our own. People like the American surgeon who is reported to have crossed the border to operate on several Freedom Fighters who might have died otherwise. We are with you, comrades. All you have to do now is welcome us in. Anarchy and Equality Comrades! Viva La Revolution!

1400 Federals With Machine Gun And Cannon Eight Miles From Agua Prieta Last Night [Bisbee Daily Review]

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