Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mexican Unrest Ends with Armistice

It now seems all but certain that the unrest that has rocked Mexico since November maybe coming to an end as a four-day armistice has been agreed to by Madero and the federal government.  According to the Washington Times, a two-man commission consisting of a representative from each camp will be meeting in Washington in the coming days to work out the details of a peace treaty between the Diaz government and the Moderists.  These developments come just two days after Madero threatened to attack the border city of Juarez with 3,000 rebels unless Diaz agreed to step down.

While some early speculation suggested that Diaz had agreed to step down in early May, there is no definite word that such an arrangement has been made.  With no agreement for Diaz to resign, there is new speculations about why Madero would sign off on an armistice with Diaz staying in power.  The Washington Herald suggests that Madero's position outside Juarez was much weaker than previously believed and that his ultimatum of April 20 was a bluff.  Madero has problems with troops being much less disciplined than Mexican federal soldiers and being more loyal to Madero's subordinates, like Pancho Villa.  According to the Bisbee Daily Review's well-informed sources, Diaz will be leaving office within 10 days, but he will be allowed to announce his retirement himself in order to save face and to spare the President "any feeling of humiliation."  Mexican Ambassador de la Berra has stated that Diaz would not leave unless the safety of the nation could be assured and that it would not look as if he had been forced from office.

When asked about the upcoming peace talks, Madero stated that "all that will be insisted upon, in addition to the reforms already instituted, is that the people of Mexico shall have a square deal as provided in the constitution."

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