Friday, April 29, 2011

McManigal Turns State's Evidence

According to this evening's edition of the Washington Times, Ortie McManigal is expected to the key witness in the Los Angeles County District Attorney's case against the McNamara brothers. It has been reported that McManigal has been offered immunity from prosecution in return for testifying against his co-conspirators, but District Attorney Fredricks denies the claim. The district attorney also expected to arraign McManigal and the McNamara's next week on charges that they detonated dynamite bombs at the Los Angeles Times building in October and the Llewellyn Iron Works in December. They will be arraigned before a justice of the peace in order to avoid having to read a transcript of the grand jury minutes.

The defense in the case is expected to ask for a change of venue given the extreme nature of the case, though this is likely to be hotly contested. There is also some question as to who will represent McManigal. He has so far refused to see the attorney provided by the Iron Workers Union, Job Harriman, a socialist lawyer from Los Angeles, due to his connection with the union. "I don't want to see [Harriman] or Judge Hilton [from Denver] or any other attorney connected with the labor movement," McManigal said.

Additional arrests are also expected today for two prominent Los Angeles labor leaders. The Herald today reported that the two men were "being watched night and day by the detectives" in order to "let them sweat." The men are thought to have had knowledge of the bomb plot.

In the mean time, police in Los Angeles are continuing to strength their case against the three terrorists. A clerk for the Giant Powder Company, where the dynamite used to destroy the Los Angeles Times building was purchased, is being brought in to identify the man who made the purchase. The buyer used and signed his name as J. B. Bryce, which is an alias used by James B. McNamara. When McNamara arrived in Los Angeles two days ago, a woman who rented a room to "J. B. Bryce" identified him as Bryce.

Prominent socialists Emma Goldman and Ben Reitman have arrived in Los Angeles to aid in the defense of the accused.

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