Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Falsus Pax Diaz

It appears that the peace talks that have been going on between the Freedom Fighters and the Diaz Regime are going south. The Washington Times is reporting that there is a major lack of confidence in the talks within Mexico City and that preparations are underway to continue the campaign to put down the perceived insurrection. This comes after reports of clashes in Chihuahua instigated by Diaz loyal troops who supposedly "didn't know about the armistice."

It would appear that Diaz is only using the peace talks as a brief respite to rearm and prepare for the next phase of his battle. The Bisbee Daily Review is reporting a variation on this theme that seems to be common knowledge in official circles in Mexico City. This is outrageous! Diaz does not wish to truly do what is right and step down, allowing the people to control their own world. He should at least see that this game he is playing is only baiting the bear. By toying with the Freedom Fighters, he is only making matters worse! Whereas before, Free Mexican troops were at least willing to accept the surrender of Diaz's forces, what will happen now?! Unless Diaz takes a good look around and changes his behavior, he may be setting up a great many people to suffer.

Those who have not taken up arms to free Mexico from Diaz's oppressive boot heel should look at his current behavior and the possible outcome. Comrades, if you allow this insane pig of a man to do this, you are only setting yourselves up to be hurt. When the Freedom Fighters win, and at this rate they will, you will be on the losing side of the war. Instead of letting this happen why don't you join with the Freedom Fighters, fight to free your country from this insane dictator. Than you will not only be free, but you will also be alive to see the benefits of this revolution. You will see a world where we have No Gods and No Masters.

Federals March On Peace Zone About Juarez [The Washington Herald]
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Friday, April 29, 2011

McManigal Turns State's Evidence

According to this evening's edition of the Washington Times, Ortie McManigal is expected to the key witness in the Los Angeles County District Attorney's case against the McNamara brothers. It has been reported that McManigal has been offered immunity from prosecution in return for testifying against his co-conspirators, but District Attorney Fredricks denies the claim. The district attorney also expected to arraign McManigal and the McNamara's next week on charges that they detonated dynamite bombs at the Los Angeles Times building in October and the Llewellyn Iron Works in December. They will be arraigned before a justice of the peace in order to avoid having to read a transcript of the grand jury minutes.

The defense in the case is expected to ask for a change of venue given the extreme nature of the case, though this is likely to be hotly contested. There is also some question as to who will represent McManigal. He has so far refused to see the attorney provided by the Iron Workers Union, Job Harriman, a socialist lawyer from Los Angeles, due to his connection with the union. "I don't want to see [Harriman] or Judge Hilton [from Denver] or any other attorney connected with the labor movement," McManigal said.

Additional arrests are also expected today for two prominent Los Angeles labor leaders. The Herald today reported that the two men were "being watched night and day by the detectives" in order to "let them sweat." The men are thought to have had knowledge of the bomb plot.

In the mean time, police in Los Angeles are continuing to strength their case against the three terrorists. A clerk for the Giant Powder Company, where the dynamite used to destroy the Los Angeles Times building was purchased, is being brought in to identify the man who made the purchase. The buyer used and signed his name as J. B. Bryce, which is an alias used by James B. McNamara. When McNamara arrived in Los Angeles two days ago, a woman who rented a room to "J. B. Bryce" identified him as Bryce.

Prominent socialists Emma Goldman and Ben Reitman have arrived in Los Angeles to aid in the defense of the accused.

Link: Labor Leaders May Be Jailed For Dynamiting [The Washington Herald]
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Diaz Regime Disengages.

Will Diaz soon surrender to the Freedom Fighters? According to today's Bisbee Daily Review, the Minister of War under Diaz has sent orders out telling the generals to cease all activity in their zones. Even Diaz gunboats are putting to sea rather than stay in what had previously been a safe port. These things combined with the increased advance of Free Mexican forces suggests that the Freedom Fighters are winning. Moreover, it would seem that some sort of negotiation is in the works between the two regimes. But what does this mean for the revolution?

While the destruction of infrastructure that is occurring is a major problem for the Freedom Fighters, it is an expected outcome of conflict. During times of violent resistance to capitalist oppression, it is normal for those things built by the capitalists to get destroyed. What would be an even bigger setback to the revolution, however, would be a betrayal of the revolution. If there is some deal in the works with Diaz, unless it holds true to the complete socialization of all property under the people of Mexico, it will be a failure. Hopefully, the leaders of free Mexico are aware of this and will plan accordingly.

Moreover, what would a post revolution Mexico look like? No matter how high the ideals of the revolution, unless the leaders have a solid plan on how to successfully implement radical social change, the revolution will fail. The old way must be wiped clean, allowing a new way to grow. We can but hope that the leaders of free Mexico are aware of this. The peasants in Mexico, however, can do much more. If they internalize the revolution, they can continue even if their leaders sell them out. If they adopt anarchist practices, they can function as a group sans leader, and ensure the ideals of the revolution are fulfilled. If they do this, they can truly be free. They can live with No gods and No masters!

Revolution Spreads To West Coast [Bisbee Daily Review]

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

McNamara charged in LA Times Bombing case

John J. and James B. McNamara
The Washington Herald reported this morning on the formal arrest in Los Angeles of James B. McNamara in the Los Angeles Times Bombing case. His brother, John J. McNamara and accomplice Ortie McManigal, members of the Iron Workers Union, are expected to formally charged today. They are accused of detonating 16 sticks of dynamite in the Times building at the corner of First Avenue and Broadway in Los Angeles, California on October 1, 1910 at 1:07 a.m. The bomb, combined with the natural gas that was detonated by the heat of the initial dynamite blast, killed 21 of the 115 people inside the building at the time and maiming just as many. Unexploded bombs were also found that day at the homes of Harrison Gray Otis, the publisher of the Los Angeles Times newspaper, and F. J. X. Zeehandelaar, the secretary of the Merchants and Manufacturers' Association.

Just one of the McNamara's Victims
The suspects arrived yesterday via train in Los Angeles. When J. B. McNamara detrained, one of those waiting to greet him was a Mrs. D. H. Ingersoll, who identified McNamara as being the man she knew as James B. Bryce, a man who rented a room from her last September, before the bombing. "Bryce" was also the man identified, along with two other men, with having purchased more than 500 pounds of dynamite from a Giant, California powder works. These men then brought some of the dynamite north to a vacant building in south San Francisco, while the remainder was stored in Los Angeles.

James B. McNamara was quite defiant upon his arrival in Los Angeles. The Herald reports that he told his guards that if any reporters were allowed inside the compartment he was riding in, he would "brain them with his handcuffs." When questioned by reporters at the train station, he cursed them or stared at them with venomous eyes. His brother John was reported to be more polite, stating that he felt that the "framework of evidence built up by Detective Burns" would collapse but otherwise provided no comment. Oakland socialist lawyer Austin Lewis, Los Angeles socialist lawyer Job Harriman, and Denver lawyer O. N. Hilton have been engaged in the defense of the three accused men.

Meanwhile, the farce continues in Indianapolis, where William Burns, the private detective hired by Los Angeles County to track down the suspects of this heinous act, has been arrested of kidnapping the men. To think that such a brave man, who tracked down some of the worst mass murderers in this nation's history, men who have participated in a campaign of terror on behalf of terrorist organizations like the Iron Workers Union, would be treated in such a ridiculous manner is unconscionable.

The three bombing suspects have been taken to the Los Angeles City Jail where they are being held in separate jails.

Link: Woman Identifies J. B. M'Namara as "Times" Suspect [The Washington Herald]

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Capitalist Lap Dogs Attempt Kidnapping.

According to the Bisbee Daily Review yesterday, some slight form of justice has been initiated for Mr. McNamara. The three Snakes and a hired thug had been sent by the Los Angeles District Attorney's office to Indianapolis to apprehend and return Mr. McNamara for a show trial. These men, however, neglected to even obey the laws they say they are sworn to uphold! They arrested Mr. McNamara and attempted to send him to Los Angeles, all with out the approval of Indiana. They not only lacked the authority to do this heinous act, but somehow managed to talk members of the Indianapolis Police Department into taking part in the apprehension. They were ultimately arrested on charges of kidnapping. After these dastardly four were arrested they posted bail, of $10000 a piece, and were allowed to leave! The fact that these men were allowed to leave is disgusting, showing how much the state and capitalists support their acts, but the fact that all it took was as obscene amount of money, which they were all able to pay, just goes to show that the law only applies to the poor.

These four represent all that is wrong with our current society. They claim to uphold the law, except when it is inconvenient for them to do so. They claim to represent the people, but the laws don't apply to them when they violate them. They claim to act for the best interests of society, but they really are only listening to their Statist and Capitalist masters. These men are nothing more than class traitors! The charges of kidnapping leveled against them by the state, who they serve, as a joke. They are lawyers, the lapdogs of the wealthy. Of course they do what the wealthy say, it is in their own interest to do so, and the Capitalists take care of them for their servitude. As such they will get off scot-free with out the average worker even getting a say. But this is how it has to work if we have a government. It imposes laws on the poor, while allowing the wealthy to do whatever they please. But if the law doesn't apply to the Capitalists, why should it apply to us? The only way to prevent this kind of travesty is to remove all hierarchical authority. If there was no authority no one would be throwing their weight around to ensure they please their masters, and thus get more than their own fair share of society's resources. If there was no authority, traitors like this would be cast out of society, rather than held up as pillars of virtue. If there was no authority, Mr. McNamara would no only be free, but more than likely the explosion he is accused of would never have taken place. Only by removing authority can we all live in this free world. Only then can we all be safe from Capitalist oppression. Only then can we live with No gods and No masters!

Detective Arrested On Kidnaping Charge; Is Held To The Grand Jury [Bisbee Daily Review]

Monday, April 25, 2011

Union Officials In Ploy to Subvert Justice in Terrorism Case

Legal proceedings continue over the seizure of evidence from the offices of the International Association of Bridge, Structural, and Ornamental Iron Workers Saturday night in relation to last year's bombing of the Los Angeles Times Building that killed 21 people. Brothers John J. and James B. McNamara and Ortie McManigal have been linked to the bombing. J.J. McNamara was arrested Saturday by Private Detective William Burns and two local detectives in Indianapolis, where McNamara was the secretary-treasurer for the Iron Workers Union. He was released into Burns' custody by Indianapolis circuit court judge, James A. Collins, that same day and all three suspects are on their way back to Los Angeles to stand accused of their heinous crimes.

Questions have arisen regarding the legality of the arrest, extradition, and seizure of union documents. A legal brawl has begun over the evidence taken from the Iron Workers Union offices. The attorney for the union, Leo Rappaport, and the Union president, F. M. Ryan, have filed petitions to the court in Indianapolis to retake possession of the potential damning evidence. Perhaps this was done to prevent the world from seeing the truth, that this another other unions are as the president of the Los Angeles Times described them last year following the bombing, "anarchist scum," "cowardly murderers," and "leeches." The police have filed a counter-claim to obtain additional books and evidence that would likely point to the Iron Workers systematic campaign of terror on this country.

Ryan and Rappaport contend that the books were obtained illegally, however, they are being kept for a grand jury that is looking into another bombing, this time at the Indianapolis-based Von Spreckelson Mill in October 1909. The books were in the custody of Judge Collins when the Iron Worker lawyer obtained a writ of replevin from Judge Hart to retrieve the books from Superintendent Hyland. However, Hyland had already turned over the books to the Grand Jury before the writ could be served to him, thus saving the day.

In another attempt to subvert justice, the Iron Workers Union had the prosecuting attorney for Los Angeles County, W.J. Ford, Walter Drew, attorney for the Erectors' Assocations, and their driver, Frank Fox arrested on charges of kidnapping. They have been released from custody on $5,000 bond. Following his release, Ford made the following statement:
We believe we have an unbroken chain of evidence that supports direct statements and admissions of men who are alleged to be connected with the dynamiting in Los Angeles. I do not know of any additional arrests that are to be made here. I will say that I do not understand how John J. McNamara could have spent the sums of money we expect to prove he spent without the knowledge of other members of this organization.
Link: Grand Jury Gets M'Namara's Books Following Fight [The Washington Herald]

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Capitalists Frame Innocent Man

Capital is at it again, friends. According to the Washington Times, the Los Angeles District Attorney has pinned John J. McNamara as one of the bombers of the L.A. Times building. This is just preposterous! Frank Buchana, a member of the Federal House of Representatives, personally testified that there is no way Mr. McNamara, a long term colleague and friend, could be involved in this travesty! The fact that the experience of a member of a governing body, supposedly so dear to the statists, could be ignored just goes to show how little the capitalists care about the government, and who has the real power.

This is just an attempt by the Capitalist to suppress the power of the workers. Mr. McNamara is the secretary-treasure of the Bridge and Structural Iron Workers Union. As such, he is very influential in the union and is a thorn in the side of the capitalists. By ensuring he is sent to California, the Capitalists are ensuring he will be sent to prison, whether he deserves it or not.

We can not put up with this, comrades! Mr. McNamara is our comrade, and as such he deserves our support. All this man did was help the Iron Workers organize, and for this Capital has decided he doesn't deserve liberty! We are in a war comrades, a war with Capital. We must fight this oppression with all our might. Capital is trying to keep us turned under and afraid. They want us to be subservient and thankful for whatever crumbs we are given. We must remind Capital who has the power! That we as the workers are the ones who are really in charge! That we support Mr. McNamara and will stand in solidarity with him. We must inform them that we are free and that we no longer need the Capitalists. Only by doing this can we ensure that all people will be taken care of, and that none receives more than is their due. Only than will trials of this trumped up nature stop happening. Solidarity with Mr McNamara! Anarchy and Equality!

Labor To Defend J.J. McNamara As It Did Haywood [The Washington Times]
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mexican Unrest Ends with Armistice

It now seems all but certain that the unrest that has rocked Mexico since November maybe coming to an end as a four-day armistice has been agreed to by Madero and the federal government.  According to the Washington Times, a two-man commission consisting of a representative from each camp will be meeting in Washington in the coming days to work out the details of a peace treaty between the Diaz government and the Moderists.  These developments come just two days after Madero threatened to attack the border city of Juarez with 3,000 rebels unless Diaz agreed to step down.

While some early speculation suggested that Diaz had agreed to step down in early May, there is no definite word that such an arrangement has been made.  With no agreement for Diaz to resign, there is new speculations about why Madero would sign off on an armistice with Diaz staying in power.  The Washington Herald suggests that Madero's position outside Juarez was much weaker than previously believed and that his ultimatum of April 20 was a bluff.  Madero has problems with troops being much less disciplined than Mexican federal soldiers and being more loyal to Madero's subordinates, like Pancho Villa.  According to the Bisbee Daily Review's well-informed sources, Diaz will be leaving office within 10 days, but he will be allowed to announce his retirement himself in order to save face and to spare the President "any feeling of humiliation."  Mexican Ambassador de la Berra has stated that Diaz would not leave unless the safety of the nation could be assured and that it would not look as if he had been forced from office.

When asked about the upcoming peace talks, Madero stated that "all that will be insisted upon, in addition to the reforms already instituted, is that the people of Mexico shall have a square deal as provided in the constitution."

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Students Join The Revolution

According to the Bisbee Daily Review yesterday, students at the university in Mexico City organized in support of the revolution. The students of four major schools, Law, Mines, Medicine, and Agriculture, have all officially signed on to the peaceful wing of the revolution. While the students have asserted that they are determined to be peaceful, this was not apparently possible, as a detachment of Diaz-loyal troops was sent to the College of Agriculture. How badly can the war be going for Diaz if he now fears students and must use armed troops to keep them quiet?!

These students rising up is just another symptom of the collapsing support base Diaz used to enjoy. With large swaths of Mexico now in the hands of the Freedom Fighters and polite society in Mexico City starting to reject the Pax Diaz, the question of how long Diaz can remain in power is coming to a head. Hopefully the students can spread the message of Anarchist Living and show the rest of Mexico how to live their lives free from the Capitalist boot heel and be truly free. Hopefully we can follow in their foot steps. Hopefully some day soon we will have No gods and NO masters.

Anarchy and Equality

Revolution Takes Sudden Turn In The City Of Mexico [Bisbee Daily Review]

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rebel Leader Madero Gives Diaz 24 Hours to Resign

Francisco I. Madero, the leader of the revolutionary party in Mexico, is poised to attack Ciudad Juarez today at 3 p.m. if Porferio Diaz does not give his assurances to Madero's band that he will step down from the office of President of Mexico.  Ciudad Juarez is located just across the Rio Grande from the Texas city of El Paso.  The ultimatum was given during discussions with a peace commission of El Paso citizens and Mexicans yesterday afternoon, telling them that there would be no armistice unless Diaz resigns.  The ultimatum was also in response to a request by the head of the rebel party in Washington, Dr. Vasquez Gomez, to delay the attack.  The rebel leader gave the following statement to the Associated Press that was then published in today's New York Tribune:
The peace commission came unofficially and asked under what terms I would make peace.
I said I would agree, as I have already said to Dr. Gomez, that in the interest of peace that I would resign as provisional President of Mexico, but only if I consider that the will of the people has been satisfied; otherwise the revolution will continue, notwithstanding any peace negotiations.
I know all the people want the retirement of General Diaz and no re-election.  For that purpose I will accept as Provisional President any one of the members of the present Cabinet who will call a new election.
In case this condition is agreed upon, we want Juarez to be delivered to us, and then an armistice will be signed.
I will wait until tomorrow evening to hear the result of the peace negotiations, which are being directed by Dr. Vasquez Gomez. If tomorrow night no answer comes I will begin hostilities.
Esquibal Obregon and Oscar Baniff agreed to transmit Madero's ultimatum as private citizens, not as officials of the Mexican government, because they wished to see peace restored to their war-torn land.  Juan Navarro, the commanding officer of the Federal garrison holding Ciudad Juarez stated that it was not within his power to surrender the city to the rebels.

Diaz stated that he believes that talk of an armistice is nothing more than a scheme by the Diaz government to buy time to reinforce their army in the north.

Meanwhile in Washington, it is becoming clear that Congress is in no mood to deal with the trouble in Mexico, with both sides of the Senate chamber working to prevent a discussion of the matter.  A speech by Senator William Stone did not change the matter, and the bill authorizing the president to use force in restoring peace to northern Mexico has been shelved to the Foreign Relations Committee where it is unlikely to see any movement.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lies Told To Taft

Yesterday, a new ambassador for the Diaz Regime went to Washington and opened a dialog with Taft's Regime. This ambassador not only betrayed the patron-client relationship between Washington and Mexico City, but also showed the desperation currently gripping the Diaz regime. Señor Manuel De Zamacona assured President Taft that "peace would be declared in Mexico soon." This assurance seems to go against the facts of the current rebellion. This discontinuity would suggest that the Diaz regime is becoming more desperate and is now making blanket promises they know they can't fulfill. But what is really new about this? All capitalists do is lie. We should have expected this. We should also be rejoicing. This is a good thing! If the Diaz regime is so unstable that they are forced to resort to this obviously untrue statements for some semblance of comfort, the Freedom fighters have already won. It is just a matter of time until they can clear the dead wood out of Mexico City.

Along with this is the clear patron-client relationship that is being displayed between these two regimes. Diaz assures Taft that it will all be fixed soon, and in exchange, Taft assures Diaz he would invade. This is just a clear example of the Capitalists supporting each other. The will of the oppressed workers in Mexico is unimportant to either regime. All either side seems to care about it getting everything back to normal so that American and Mexican capitalists can keep abusing the workers. We must not let this happen! We stand with you, Free Mexico. Show us how to free ourselves from these Capitalist pigs. No gods, no masters!

Taft Is Assured Peace Is In Sight [The Bisbee Daily Review]

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Agua Prieta Recaptured as Modero Deny Peace Rumors

Agua Prieta was recaptured by Mexican Federal Forces yesterday morning after a battle on Monday that left 200 rebels dead.  The Insurrectos abandoned Agua Prieta after the battle and after the desertion of one of their commanders, Balasario Garcia, before the Federals could attack the town once more.  The commander-in-chief of the Rebel forces, Col. Juan Medina, attributed the retreat to an overindulgence in whiskey by the rebel troops that put them in no condition to withstand another assault by Federal troops.  Medina also escaped into U.S. custody.

In an official statement to the Mexican ambassador from Nogales, Arizona, the Diaz government said:
I beg to advise you of the complete triumph of the federal army in taking Agua Prieta from the rebels, who where completely routed.  The federals displayed great heroism and abnegation in spite of the tremendous odds and the disadvantages they had to surmount in order to capture the town without doing damage to persons and property in Douglas, Arizona.  I am unable to state as yet the number of dead [a later statement said that 200 rebels were killed with 200 horses, 200 saddles, 200 rifles, and 60,000 cartridges captured; 200 rebels crossed the US border; 15 Federal troops were killed with 23 injured].  Those of the rebels are very heavy. Many of the latter, including the leaders, Balasario Garcia and Medina, surrendered to the American officers.  The federals captured a great number of guns and ammunition.  The public has not been allowed to enter, and the services of the Red Cross have been gracefully declined as the Mexican troops have all the necessary equipment to attend to all the wounded.
There was no rest for Lieut. Col. Reynaldo Diaz and the Federals holding Agua Prieta yesterday evening however, as the Rebel leader of Sonora, Juan Cabral, marched on the town.  According to an account by a rebel scout who was captured on the American side of the line, the 500-man strong band were headed for the border town to reinforce the insurrectos who, unbeknown to Cabral, had abandoned the area a day earlier.  When they advanced within range of the forward gun emplacements of the Federal troops, they were fired upon, forcing Cabral's group to retreat.  At press time for the Bisbee Daily Review, spectators on the American side of the line in Douglas are awaiting a rebel attack on Agua Prieta which may result in more casualties from stray fire.

It is this stray fire that has been experienced in U.S. border towns in recent days that has result in a diplomatic row between the government in Washington and the Diaz government in Mexico City.  Hope sprang up early today from reports that Modero may cease military operations pending peace negotiations, though no formal response on what the Diaz government planned to do regarding the protection of US property near the border has been received by the White House as of this afternoon.  However, Vasquez Gomez, head of the Insurrecto contingent in Washington, and Francisco Madero, leader of the rebels, both deny the reports.  Dr. Gomez told the Washington Times:
There have been no suggestions from the revolutionists that an armistice be arranged pending peace negotiations.  Neither have there been any such proposals received from either Senor Limantour [Mexican Finance Minister] or Senor de la Berra [Mexican Ambassador to the U.S.].  No armistice will be thought of by the revolutionists at this time unless the Diaz government and the Cientifico party agree to treat with us on the terms which we laid down several weeks ago.  President Diaz has to go.  The Científico party must give up its unlawful control of the government.  The people of Mexico must be given a free and general election, not only for the executive, but also the legislative positions.  Only on those terms will the revolutionary party treat for peace.
The rumors that an armistice has been agreed upon between the Mexican government and leaders of the revolution is but a trick of Limantour's as a last but futile effort to reassure the people and make them think that the present government officials will give them what they want.
Gomez also stated that the revolutionary junta may bring a suit against U.S. Calvary Lieutenant Colonel Shunk who seized ammunition in Douglas, possibly bound for rebel hands.  Gomez stated that such a seizure is a violation of the laws of the United States.  He further stated that the rebels continued to plans to attack the border towns of Ciudad Juarez, just across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas, and Ojinaga, which is just across from Presidio, Texas.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Lines in the Sand

Yesterday in Agua Prieta, Free Mexican forces managed to beat off Federal forces intent on taking the town. According to the Washington Herald, however, this battle has greatly vexed the United States Federal Government. The American regime had demanded that the two fighting forces ensure the safety of Douglas, Arizona, just across the border from Auga Prieta. While both sides had prievously agreed to engage each other in such a way as to avoid firing on the small town claimed by the Americans, this did not happen.

It seems that Washington has forgotten what the Freedom Fighters are fighting for. They are not fighting for our approval, they are fighting for their freedom! Freedom from an oppressive, brutal dictatorship who only serves the capitalist pigs who sit on the top of the peasants. The Federal Mexican forces in turn are fighting to uphold the capitalist minority and to continue oppressing the majority. Given that these are the facts, what made Washington think that either side would listen to and obey the American Regime? It is not in either side's best interest to do so. They only care for their particular cause, not for America's demands.

The Americans are demanding an imaginary line be respected. That is absurd! A line is not what is important, people's lives and freedom are what matters. On both sides of the border we are people suffering the same affliction, the oppressive boot heel of the capitalist pigs and their dogs. Moreover, those fighting for Free Mexico are not solely Mexicans, they are foreigners from all over the world and even some Americans. As such, those fighting have learned the true nature of humanity: that it is not nationality that matters, but humanity. They realized the border is just an idea, and that neither government really has any right to issue demands on either side! So the Freedom Fighters are ignoring the demands of the American Regime and instead attempting to defend Agua Prieta and still leave an opening for their comrades in Douglas to join them. They are attempting to stand together with those who live in Douglas against the pigs and the dogs. They are attempting to throw off all government, not just their own.

We stand in solidarity with those fighting for Free Mexico now. We do so knowing that they fight to remove pigs and dogs from power, and with guidance we hope they will see the benefits of an Anarchist system and forestall any form of government. As such, we we hope when they are free they will stand in solidarity with us in our struggle. No gods, NO masters!

Americans Shot In Bitter Fight For Rebel City [The Washington Herald]

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Government investigating reports of American's Death

Mexican federal troops attacked the new rebel stronghold of Agua Prieta twice today and were repulsed both times.  The first attack, involving 1,500 trained soldiers, began at 6:30am local time and last for a few hours before the Moderists pushed them back around noon.  The Federals retreated in good order, though they suffered many loses during the battle.  1,500 to 2,000 rebels hold the town that is a few yards from the international border with the United States. 

At 1:30pm the Federals reformed along along a line east and south of Agua Prieta, and with three machine gun squads, advanced within a few hundred yards of the rebel fortifications.  Reports from on lookers in Douglas, Arizona Territory state that sharpshooters putting the Federals under punishing cross fire.  A reckless group of rebels were able to take out one of the machine guns by advancing to within 100 yards of the gun and killing its operators.  Diaz sent cavalry to drive off the band, but a hidden cannon and two machine guns trained on the federal line made their appearance to force Diaz's forces to retreat to a position six or eight miles south of Agua Prieta.  The Washington Times reports that both sides formed their lines so as to avoid stray bullets from landing in Douglas.

The Federal troops are led by Col. Reynaldo Diaz, a nephew of Mexican President Porfirio Diaz.

The attack comes just three days after insurrectos led by Arturo "Red" Lopez attacked and captured Agua Prieta, leaving three Americans dead and several injured, including Robert Harrington who died on the American side of the border in Douglas from a stray bullet.  During these latest battles, bullets again whistled through the streets of Douglas, despite the best efforts of the combatants to the south.  One American, Oscar Goil of Tombstone, Arizona, was shot in the head, though there is some question of whether he was north or south of the international boundary.  Early reports from the First Cavalry in town, led by Captain Julien Edmond Victor Gaujot, suggest that he was south of the border. 

However, still the fact that bullets flew through Douglas, despite Gaujot's warning a few days ago, does put the U.S. in the position that it could intervene in future battles along the border to protect American lives and property and possibly to intervene further to bring peace to war-torn Mexico.  According to the Washington Times, "Senator William Stone (D-Mo) introduced a resolution instructing the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to investigate conditions in Mexico, and to report without delay to the Senate."  President Taft has also instructed our ambassador to Mexico, Henry Lane Wilson, to personally inform the Diaz government that repetitions of the Douglas incident will not be tolerated, carrying the implicit threat of American intervention.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

International Brigade Fighting For Free Mexico

As of yesterday, according to the Bisbee Daily Review, a major showdown is building in Auga Prieta, across the border form Douglas, Arizona. A force of approximately 850 freedom fighters is currently holding down the town with a reserve of around 700 waiting in the mountions beyond the reach of the federal troops, who number around 1400. While this will no doubt be a pitched battle, what is truly impressive is who makes up the Free Mexican forces. They include at least 40 Americans, and uncounted Yaqui Indians, Miami Indians, Chinese, and Japanese men. These foreigners who have gallantly volunteered to help free Mexico are a role model for us all!

These men show us the true nature of humanity. Lines on the map do not dictate who we are and what is right in this world. They saw an injustice across the border, and went to help. They looked beyond the differences and saw fellow humans, who they were more than willing to lend a hand to.

While I commend the Freedom Fighters for forming a truly international brigade, they must realize some of their own behavior is hindering the expansion of volunteer international involvement. Reports are surfacing that Freedom Fighter sentries are opening fire on any who cannot give the appropriate pass phrase when queried. Please, comrades in Free Mexico, learn from this grievous error. If you do not welcome in outsiders you won't get any more help from them. Instead, adopt a more welcoming stratagem of interviewing unknown individuals so that you might learn if they are willing to help you.

I believe that if you head my words you will find a great many people willing to help you. People who will see that your cause is just and right. People who will help you free your country so that we can than free our own. People like the American surgeon who is reported to have crossed the border to operate on several Freedom Fighters who might have died otherwise. We are with you, comrades. All you have to do now is welcome us in. Anarchy and Equality Comrades! Viva La Revolution!

1400 Federals With Machine Gun And Cannon Eight Miles From Agua Prieta Last Night [Bisbee Daily Review]

Friday, April 15, 2011

Taft Warns Warring Sides over Border Fighting

A day after fighting in Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico between rebels under "Red" Lopez and Federals resulted in the death of American Robert Harrington in Douglas, Arizona Territory from a stray bullet, President Taft and the State Department issued a warning to both sides of the Mexican conflict that they will be held responsible for the loss of American lives and property as a result of the fighting.  Both major Washington newspapers stated that this is the White House's strongest statement yet regarding the Mexican Civil War since Taft ordered 20,000 troops to the U.S.-Mexico border last month.

The battle in Agua Prieta began early on April 13 when "Red" Lopez attacked the town with 150 rebels who reach the town using a train the band captured the day before.  The forces loyal to rebel President Francisco Modero drove the train back to Agua Prieta and formed a firing line from the railway station to the American customs house.  After three hours of fighting, the Moderists took control of the town.  Much of the fighting took place mere feet from the international border, and a number of stray bullets hit structures and, unfortunately, people on the American side.  One American, Harrington, was killed and six injured.  Another American, J.C. Edwards, was killed fighting for the Insurrectos.

Soldiers from Troop K of the American First Calvary under Captain Julien Edmond Victor Gaujot rode to the international border, while under fire, to issue a warning to both sides to cease firing into Douglas, but it went unheeded.  The twenty-nine Federal troops in Agua Prieta, led by Captains Andreas Basuite and Jesus Vargas, broke from the town and rode across the border, where in accordance with international law, they were disarmed and detained.  They are being held in a ballpark in Douglas.  At the request of the detained captains, Gaujot and a civilian, Charles McKean, rode into Agua Prieta to secure the surrender of the garrison that remained behind.  With the acceptance of the rebel leader Lopez, the remaining garrison surrendered their arms and ammunition and were conducted to safe haven on the American side of the border.  Five Americans held prisoner by the Federals were also carried over to the American side.  At total of 15 were killed in the battle.

A statement issued yesterday by the White House called the situation "acute," highlighting the seriousness they are taking the situation.  With Americans on American soil now confirmed killed by the combatants in the Mexican conflict, Taft has made clear to the Mexican government our sides intentions to protect American citizens.  Further complicating the situation is news reached in Washington yesterday of English marines landing in San Quentin, in Baja California.  30 marines and a Maxim gun arrived in the town to protect it from Socialist rebels.  This is the first real evidence of another power interfering in the Mexican conflict.

It remains to be seen whether Taft intends to send troops across the border after the Battle of Agua Prieta.  Officals from towns near the border are demanding that Taft be more forceful toward the Mexicans in order to defend American lives and property.  From the secretary of the Douglas, Arizona chamber of commerce:
During an engagement between the federals and insurrectos at Agua Prieta, Mexico, yesterday, one mile from Douglas, two Americans were killed and eleven wounded, including some children attending to their own business here in Douglas.  Thousands of bullets fell in our city, passing through residences and endangering life and property.  Is there no way by which Americans can be protected in the peaceful pursuit of their affairs?  Expect more fighting along the line at any time.  Combatants fought within 10 feet of the American line yesterday.

Captain Gaujot issued a warning to both sides today about the fighting:
If so much as one single bullet whistles across the border line, between Texas and Mexico, and is close enough to an American citizen to be heard, United States soldiers will cross the boundary line at once and put down the rebellion.
Link: Taft Preparing to Send Troops Across the Border [The Washington Times]
Link: Taft Says Firing Over the Line Must Cease [The Bisbee Daily Review]
Link: President Warns Mexican Rebels and Diaz Party [The Washington Herald]
Link: Agua Prieta in the Hands of Rebel Forces [The Bisbee Daily Review]

Thursday, April 14, 2011

U.S.A. Forced to Recognize Free Mexico

According to the Washington Times, within the last several days, the the Mexican freedom fighters have managed to seize the custom houses in Agua Prieta, Sonora, directly opposite of Douglas, Arizona. While this is wonderful for the freedom fighters, finally giving them a way to import armaments through the United States legally, it has seemed to cause a bit of an uproar in the United States.

It seems that for once the federal government may see what situation it is in. With the custom houses now in Free Mexican hands, the federal government is being forced to deal with the freedom fighters as a legitimate government. The Federals even consulted an international lawyer in Washington, D.C. to make sure that they had to recognize the legitimacy of the new regime. According to the lawyer, there is nothing the federal government can do to not recognize the Free Mexican regime without actually becoming militarily involved. 

So what does this mean? Now, for the first time, the American Capitalist Regime is being forced to deal with a truly fair government of the people, and they don't seem to like it. The talk in government circles is all of how much danger American citizens are in, not even thinking that the Mexicans are fighting for their freedom, and that maybe the right to not be a slave to their state is important. But why would the American regime consider that right? If they considered the rights of people to social ownership of property and to not be slaves to the state important they wouldn't be ruling in the first place! So this newfound interaction with Free Mexico is just reminding the American Capitalists just how precarious their situation is: that we the workers have the real power! Given our own will, we can send this nation the way of Mexico and remove the Capitalist dogs from power, and perhaps even improve on the advancements pioneered in Mexico. We could remove all government! That is why the Capitalists are afraid of what is going on in Mexico. They know if we pay to much attention to the Mexican war for freedom we will learn to rebel as well, and that is what the Capitalists will strive to prevent at all costs. So, comrades, look at Mexico. Pay attention to it. Then ask yourself, are you really free? Anarchy and Equality, comrades.

Americans On Mexican Border In Grave Danger [The Washington Times]

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baseball's Opening Day Celebrated in Seven Cities

The bats are finally swinging and balls flying as the 1911 Major League baseball season finally got underway yesterday. At newly renovated National Park in Washington, President Taft threw out the first ball from his box in the grandstands to Nationals opening day pitcher "Dolly" Gray, the second consecutive year the chief executive has done that. Opening day brought a record crowd to the new steel-and-concrete stadium constructed in the three weeks since a fire destroyed the old, wooden grandstands on March 17. The Washington Herald noted the "grand principle of equality demonstrated by the mixture of statesmen, millionaires, social favorites with the humble citizen and ne'er-do-well." While the official attendance number around 16,000, thousands more were perched on nearby rooftops to join in the holiday atmosphere. Among the many baseball at the stadium was American League president Ban Johnson, who had come to see the new concrete grandstands.

The Washington Nationals overcame a 4-0 deficit against the visiting Boston Red Sox after four innings to rally with six run sixth inning and win 8-5.

A major cause of excitement for Washington baseball fans was Walter Johnson, who was in uniform for the Nationals but is not expected for several days in order to recover from his train ride from Kansas. Johnson, who had held out for more money in contract negotiations with the team, agreed after the game to a three-year contract worth $7,000 per year, $500 more than the previous offer made by club management. This is the highest salary currently paid out to an American League pitcher. Ed Walsh of the Chicago White Sox currently earns $6,000 per year and is the next highest paid pitcher. The highest paid player in the American League is Ty Cobb, earning $9,000 per year.

Elsewhere around the American League on Opening Day: the New York Yankees defeated the defending World Series champion Athletics in Philadelphia 2-1 and the St. Louis Browns pounded the Cleveland Naps with 16 hits and won 12-3. The game scheduled in Detroit between the Tigers and the Chicago White Sox was rained out, delay opening day for the best player in baseball, Ty Cobb. Over in the National League, the Boston Terriers won their opener 2-1 against the visiting Brooklyn Superbas, the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals played to a 3-3 tie after 11 innings in the Windy City, the New York Giants were defeated by the Philadelphia Phillies 2-0 at the Polo Grounds, and the Pittsburgh Pirates shut out the Cincinnati Reds 14-0.

Link: Baseball Season Opens in Seven Cities with One Hundred and Thirty-Six Thousand on Hand [The New York Tribune]
Link: Thousands see Opening Day Game and Victory [The Washington Herald]

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Triangle Tragedy . . . Continued

Yesterday, according to the Bisbee Daily Review, the two owners of the Triangle Waist  Company were charged with 2 separate counts of manslaughter. While I applaud the grand jury for recognizing the complicity of these men, I am appalled that they were not charged with 154 counts, one for every person who died in that great tragedy! Moreover, I rebuke the manslaughter charges and assert they should be charged with murder!

These two men were well aware of the dangers of their factory. They set up the facility, they knew what could go wrong, yet they chose not to fix it. They chose to place profit over the safety of their workers. In my mind this is far more than causing death through reckless action, this is out and out murder. They made conscious choices that resulted in the death of 154 people. Moreover the fact that they were only charged with 2 counts instead of the full 154 just goes to show how much the State doesn't want to charge these men with anything. If the state wanted to solve the problem, they would have charged the men for all the counts.

They were even released on bail yesterday. $25,000 purchased these men's freedom. That is the price for killing 154 individuals! The existence of bail in our so-called "justice system" just further shows the influence of the Capitalists on the state. For a price, criminals can be freed. For a price, they can avoid justice for a little longer. For a price, they can be above the laws they craft.

The bigger issue here, however, is how this tragedy is being dealt with. Instead of having workers coming together and fixing the problems themselves, via direct action, they are waiting, content for the crumbs the Capitalist State will feed them. Comrades, waiting is not how this problem will get fixed! Until we all are directly involved; until the capitalists are removed and all property socialized; until the state removed so they can't reassert hegemony, we will suffer these tragedies again and again. It is not a matter of if, but when! Only by removing the hierarchy supporting the capitalists, by casting out the capitalists, and by eradicating the concept of property, can we fix these problems. Only then can we all be not only free, but also safe from the greed of the few. Anarchy and Equality, comrades!

Factory Owners Are Charged With Crime Of Manslaughter [Bisbee Daily Review]

Monday, April 11, 2011

Walter Johnson Heads Back to Washington; With Contract?

Washington Nationals star pitcher, Walter Johnson, is now headed back to the nation's capital today after leaving his Coffeyville, Kansas home last night. He was in St. Louis this morning according to the Washington Times after manager Jimmy McAleer offered him a three-year contract worth $21,000. At $7,000 per year, that is $500 more than McAleer's previous offer that sent Johnson packing.

Johnson told the Times that Coffeyville residents supported him in his row with Nationals management, believing that his services were worth at least that much. "When I went down to the Market square in Coffeyville, yesterday," Johnson told reporters, "I met a Coffeyville fan, who told me that if Ty Cobb is worth $9,000 a year in right field, I am certainly worth $7,500 in the pivotal position of the game."

From the Nationals camp, McAleer told the Washington Times that the contract Johnson would be signing was the same deal they offered him at training camp: $6,500 for one year, all but ensuring that there will be renewed fight next year based on the experience the Detroit Tigers have had with Ty Cobb.

When Johnson departed at 9 o'clock this morning for Washington, it was still not known whether Johnson would accept McAleer's contract offer. Even if he does, he is not likely to start tomorrow's opening day game against the Boston Red Sox. The pitcher will require at least two days' rest after his long train journey from Kansas. "Dolly" Gray is expected to get the opening day start, despite his absymal record last season. In 1910, Gray went 8-19, the second highest loss total in the majors. He also had an ERA of 2.63. By comparison, Johnson had a great season on an otherwise lackluster Nationals team, going 25-17 with an ERA of 1.36. Johnson is expected to arrive in Washington tomorrow at noon, leaving only three hours before the game starts.

Tomorrow's opening day game will come only three weeks after a devastating fire that destroyed the grandstands at National Park. While work continues on the new steel-and-concrete stands to replace the destroyed wooden structure, already 13,000 seats will be available for tomorrow's home opener, a capacity 4,000 greater than the earlier structure was capable of holding. Washingtonian D.S. Van Buskirk was the first to buy a ticket at the new stadium. Van Buskirk works for the Interstate Commerce Commission and is a big fan of Walter Johnson.

Link: Fans Joyful Over News that Johnson has Decided to Come Back to the Fold [The Washington Times]
Link: Walter Johnson Leaves Home for Washington [The Washington Herald]

Sunday, April 10, 2011

State Makes Knowledge Illegal

In the closing days of this last Congress, a bill was quietly passed to reinforce the power of the Federal Government. This bill made it illegal to either possess or attempt to procure information regarding national defense that one would not ordinarily be allowed to have (I.E. that the Federals didn't say you can have). While the specifics of the law spell out such things as sketches and photographs, they also mention knowledge of an undefined nature. So now it is illegal for American "citizens" to know how the army will go about defending the rights of the Capitalists. This is an atrocity! How can the Federal Government claim to represent the people if it makes it illegal to know how it oppresses the people?

This insidious law whose sole aim is to squash the masses a little more under the boot heel must be resisted. Knowledge is not something that can be regulated. It must be free. Only by the free exchange of knowledge can we all see this world for what it is and liberate ourselves from such oppressions. This means the statists and capitalists know this, and specifically passed this law to further entrench themselves. We must resist this maneuver. This precious knowledge of "national defense" must be made available to all. To this end please, if you have such knowledge, share it, show it to as many people as possible, give it to the newspapers, do whatever must be done to get it out there! Only by making sure every one knows these "precious secrets" can we invalidate this insidious law. Only than can we be free. No gods, No masters!

Army Spies In U.S. Find New Law For Them [Bisbee Daily Review]

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Roosevelt Not Considering Another Run

At a speech given to the Commercial Club in Spokane, Washington, former President Theodore Roosevelt told the assembled luncheon that he was not running for the presidency in 1912 against his former vice-president and now President, William Taft. He said:
I am not an aspirant for anything because I have had everything. No other man alive has had--I don't know whether I out to use that simile in the presence of a chaplain, but I am going to take chances--no other man alive has had such a good run for his money.
While many have speculated that his current national tour, started shortly after his return from his African safari last year, was to drum up support for a Presidential run in 1912, he stated that the tour had no other purpose than to thank the American people for electing him to the Presidency. His stops in his tour of the west and south have included Washington, DC, where he spoke at the Press Club about his African adventure, Atlanta, Arkansas, Arizona Territory, where he dedicated a dam on the Salt River named in his honor, and now Washington state.

He told the Spokane luncheon that he was not there to see their votes and that the only thing he wished of them was their "respect and good will." He did state that he wished to continue to help those assembled in the progressive cause, "for the good of the common country."

He felt that that wealthy business men in New York disliked him, even though they read nothing of what he says or about what he says. However, he feels that the vast majority are "honest men who are absolutely hindered by their environment."

Whether Roosevelt will remain honest about this desire not to run next year remains to be seen. His row with the current occupant of the Oval Office and his national tour have made it appear that he is considering a run, despite the fact that Taft was essentially his hand-picked successor.

Link: Presidency Doesn't Tempt Roosevelt [The New York Tribune]

Friday, April 8, 2011

Phoenicians Want Control

Today, a delegation from "Arizona" met with President Taft to talk about the proposed Arizona constitution. These delegates, however, did not represent all of Arizona. Seeing as they all came from Phoenix, they would seem to have a natural bias in favor of the territorial government. They argued that the "people of Arizona" wanted to be governed this way. But were they really representing all people in the territory, or just those few who make up the territorial government?

Governments are always made up of the rich capitalists. They have to be. Everyone else is busy working to try and feed their families; only the wealthy would have the time to play these games in the capital building. So how can they claim to represent all of Arizona? They can't! No government can ever represent all the people. They just don't work that way. They can only truly represent those who actively take part in them, namely those wealthy capitalists who are in the governing body. So why do we even bother playing this little game?

Instead of voting and arguing about what needs done in the legislature, we should take care of our problems ourselves! We should take direct control over our lives. Who cares what games the capitalists play up in Phoenix? We can manage our lives just fine from here. If we all work together, we will have all of the labor and knowledge we need. If we eliminate all hierarchy in our decisionmaking, we can all truly be represented. Only by living our lives in an anarchist fashion can all of us be free. Only by practicing anarchist philosophies can we all truly be in control of our lives. So don't listen to what those fools in Phoenix or Washington D.C. say. They only want to continue subjugating you for their own benefit. Instead, take control of your life and you will be free. It's as simple as that. Anarchy and Equality comrades!

Arizonans Request Taft To Approve The Constitution [The Washington Times]

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nationals Star Pitcher Walter Johnson Holds Out; Shipped Home

Washington's star pitcher, Walter Johnson, has been shipped from the National's training camp in Atlanta after failing to come to terms with team management on a new contract.  The pitcher won 25 games last season with a 1.36 ERA, making him far and above the best player, let alone pitcher, in what is otherwise a rather lackluster team that finished with a 66-85 record last year and finished next-to-last in the American League.  With hopes dimming that the two sides can come to an agreement before the start of the season and Johnson headed back home to Coffeyville, Kansas, it is unlikely that the Nationals will improve on last year's record.

The news that Nationals manager Jimmy McAleer had sent Johnson home came as a surprise to Nationals team president Thomas Noyes.  He told the Washington Herald that he had not spoken with McAleer about the Johnson situation and that he was confident that Johnson would accept the team's offer as it is the best in the American League.  McAleer believes that Johnson was encouraged by other players in the league to reject the Nationals offer.  Said McAleer at the team's spring training camp in Atlanta:
I have ordered Johnson to quit my club at once.  I do not want him around.  I have tried to reason with him about signing his contract, but he absolutely refuses to come down to the terms the club has offered.  I have never been held up by a ball player in my life, and do not propose to start in now.  The salary we have agreed to pay him--$6,500--is greater than that of any pitcher in the American League.  The club cannot afford to pay more, and Johnson has been plainly told so.  I gave him one more chance this afternoon, and he continued his dogged determination to hold out.  I will make no more advances.  Johnson will have to come to me if he wants to continue in organized baseball.
According to the Herald, while the club has offered a contract of $6,500 for one year, Johnson has demanded $7,500 for one year and has told Team President Noyes that next year he will ask for a three-year, $27,000 contract.  This is the same salary that the best player in baseball, Ty Cobb is currently earning with the Detroit Tigers.  Johnson told the Herald that he "considered his services worth more than the club saw fit to pay."

The Washington Times canvassed fans in Washington about their feelings about the Johnson hold out.  Fans are standing with management in this case:
The news of this action by McAleer startled Washington fandom this morning, and then if the friends of the ball player expected an outburst of sympathy they were sorely disappointed.  Almost to a man the baseball enthusiasts of the city denounced Johnson for his stubborn attempt to get more money, and the management of the team was applauded for the stand it has taken.
Opening day for the Nationals is April 12 when they play at home against the Boston Red Sox.  Walter Johnson was expected to be the opening day pitcher, though that is obviously up in the air now with the pitcher making his way back home to Kansas.  The game will hopefully be played at the new steel-enforced National Park.  The wooden stands at the stadium were destroyed in a fire on March 17.

Link: Nationals Star Pitcher Ordered to Leave Club [The Washington Herald]
Link: Johnson Blamed by Fans for Row Over his Salary [The Washington Times]

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Slavery Is Alive And Well In America

In the Washington Times today, a short article was run about three women who left their home in Virgina went to New York, and were thus arrested and returned to Virginia. Their crime? They were married and traveled without their husbands' permission! According to the article, they left their husbands and children because they were tired of the lives they had been living. When found out, they were "returned" to their husbands. How can we live in a "free" society when women are treated like property at every turn?

It seems that what the state responded poorly to in this case was the fact that the women were married and left their husbands. Marriage apparently is a binding tie of ownership. The women became the property of the husband to do with as he will. Her opinion no longer matters. Her life basically over. But why should it be this way? Marriage should be a voluntary union of individuals. It should be two individuals coming together because they want to be together. So doesn't that mean when they no longer want to be together the marriage is over? That would mean that the moment these women left, they stopped being married.

We are all equal. Without the state forcing these types of arbitrary divisions on us, that would become obivous! These women are our comrades just like any one else. They deserve to make decisions that affect their lives and be responsible for their lives. The fact that the state stopped them just proves that the state only cares about maintaining control and profit. If women started doing what they wanted, next thing you know, they might want to vote! After that, maybe they want to work and keep the men home! All things women can do just as well as men. But maybe suffrage isn't the answer. If women can do just as well as men at all these things, why do they need the state to recognise it? Why not just take it? Instead of "asking" for rights, we should take them! Instead of wanting to vote, we should act. Only via direct action will we truly be free. Only via direct action will we leave behind the oppressive hegemony rampantly supported by the state. Only via direct action will women be seen as the true equals of men they are. Anarchy and Equality comrades!

Two Eloping Wives Jailed; Husband of Third Pays Her Fine [The Washington Times]

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Congress Convenes in Special Session

A special session of the new 62nd Congress opened yesterday with the swearing in of new Senators and a new speaker of the house, Champ Clark (D-MO).  The Democrats take power after sixteen years of gracious Republican stewardship of Washington politics.  The special session was called by President Taft to finish work left over from the previous Congress, such as a tariff commission and the free-trade treaty with Canada. 

Vice President Sherman swore in yesterday the 31 new and re-elected Senators, where the margin of the Republican majority was cut to eight by the mid-term elections.  According to the Democrat-leaning Washington Herald, this narrow majority would give the insurgents the swing votes they need to put several of their members in key committee chairmanships, as was witnessed yesterday.  These Republicans-in-name-only could potentially disrupt Taft's legislative agenda for the session.

Seventeen new Senators were among those sworn in.  These included: James O'Gorman, who was elected just last week by the New York Legislature after 64 ballots; Charles Johnson, from Maine, a rare New England Democratic Senator; John Kern, who replaces the same Beveridge who dogged Lorimer in the last session; and Republican Henry Lippit who replaces the venerable Nelson Aldrich.  One interesting moment occurred near the end of the day when Senator Kern was invited to preside over the Senate by Vice President Sherman.  Kern failed in the 1908 election in his bid to be vice president.

Champ Clark gaveled the House to order at noon yesterday to begin the Democratic reign over that chamber.  Raucous cries and obscene rebel yells were heard in the House with two likely Presidential Candidates, Nebraska statesman William Jennings Bryan and Ohio Governor Judson Harmon, who finally met in the House Gallery, looking on.  Afterward, Clark outlined the Democratic agenda which includes a downward revision of the tariff, a constitutional amendment allowing for the direct election of Senators, the reduction of waste and extravagance in public expenditures, the publication of campaign contributions and disbursements, and the admission of Arizona and New Mexico as states in the Union.  Not mentioned is the Canadian free-trade bill, though it was introduced in the House by Representative Samuel McCall (R-MA) yesterday.

Link: Congress Begins Business of Special Session [The Washington Herald]

Monday, April 4, 2011

King Senate

The United States Government is no better than a monarchy. According to the Bisbee Daily Review, there is a room in the Senate offices in Washington D.C. that has never been used. This room is jokingly refered to as the "throne room" because of its opulent nature. Even under its official name as the Caucus room, it is still dangerous. This room is a powerful symbol. Even though it is currently not used, the fact that it exists shows the imperial ambitions of the United States Government.

Why would a government need a "Throne Room" unless it intended to rule as a monarch does? The Senate isn't even hiding its lust for power from us any more. It openly admits to its desires and the masses simply look the other way. They show us the true nature of any government, that is to be authoritarian and to impose their will on others. But what gave them this right? Two things did: money and arms. With money they purchase people and build this monstrosity of a "room." With arms they coerced the dissenter into accepting their rule. So this "Throne Room" is really no better than any throne room in Europe, and neither is the government. It has used the same tricks to get power those governments in Europe used. It has built the same inane edifices to its own power. And it will rule us just the same as Europe would, without mercy and at the rule of the rich.

Keep this in mind, comrades. You can't claim you didn't know now. They are showing you their true nature. Now all we must do it, look at it and respond. The real question will be whether we choose to follow our nature and reject this waste of time, or if we embrace the lie they are selling us. Let us hope that we choose wisely.

Throne Room of the Senate A Rich Waste [The Bisbee Daily Review]

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Democrats arrive in force in Washington as New Session Nears

Tomorrow brings the start of the special session of the new 62nd Congress, and congressmen and senators are starting to arrive in the capital city.  Of particular fascination are the Democrats, both federal and state level officials who are in town to inaugurate the first Democratic House of Representatives in sixteen years.

Among the Democratic dignitaries in town or rumored to be coming to town are three-time Presidential loser William Jennings Bryan, New Jersey Governor Woodrow Wilson, New York Governor John Dix, and Ohio Governor Judson Harmon, who won re-election last fall by defeating Marion, Ohio newspaper magnate, Warren Harding.  These men are in town to meet with the new Democratic congressmen in hopes of possibly bring back money to their states or just to remind people of their relevancy (in the case of Bryan).

The optimistic rabble met in many a downtown Washington hotel.  Among these according to the Washington Herald include the New Willard where Bryan and Harmon entertained guests.  However, they didn't seem to meet despite being on the same floor.  A popular new senator among the celebrities in Washington was New York Senator-elect James O'Gorman, who was elected Friday after a two and a half month stalemate in the state legislature. He met with Harmon and several representatives, including John Fitzgerald of New York and James Cox of Ohio, at the New Willard.  A reception in Washington for O'Gorman is planned for Thursday.  Bryan had dinner with two new Democratic congressmen from Michigan as well as his 1908 Presidential running mate, John Kern.

The focus around these Democratic celebrities is not without some tinge of Presidential gamesmanship.  There is already speculation that the new House Speaker Champ Clark, Governor Wilson, and Governor Harmon might throw their hat into the ring to unseat President Taft next year.  It is also within the realm of possibility that Bryan may do so as well, though at this point, only a sadist would support a Bryan candidacy now.  Harmon denied that his visit to Washington was to further his presidential ambitions, but instead he was to appear before the Supreme Court as a lawyer for the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway.

Another focus is the upcoming legislative agenda which includes Canadian reciprocity, a constitutional amendment for the direct election of Senators, campaign finance reform, government spending cuts (including a commission to look into government waste), the admission of Arizona and New Mexico, and administrative reform.  There is optimism within the Democratic caucus and within the assembled Democratic dignitaries that this agenda can be accomplished during the special session opening tomorrow.  The session is expected to last through December.

Link: Democrat Chiefs Start Work for New Legislation [The Washington Herald]

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Capitalists Distract Masses with Tripe

Today the Bisbee Daily Review committed the largest waste of newsprint I have ever seen. While a newspaper is supposed to help inform the public at large of current events, today's paper only served as a pedestal to elevate the Capitalists in the eyes of the poor and to encourage them to waste both time and energies drooling over the wares relatively few can afford. Twelve double-sided pages show image after image of what is "fashionable" and should be purchased. This is a complete waste of newsprint.

Fashion is not only unnecessary, it is in some sense counterproductive. This obsession with fashion and purchasing googaws is serving as an opiate to the masses. It distracts them with pretty trifles instead of showing this what is really going on in this world. It focuses the energies of the workers on the whims of the aristocratic minority. By doing this, they are not only encouraged to default to the Bourgiouse for decision making but are also encouraged to try and mimic them.

Instead of mimicking those who leach of of the workers, they should be fighting them. This obsession on fashion is dangerous! We must resist falling prey to its seductive charms. The trends in clothing are ultimately unimportant so long as workers die and children starve for capitalist profits. To that end, comrades, please both contact the offices of the Bisbee Daily Review and inform them of your displeasure about this last issue and continue resisting the heady appeal of the vile tripe that is fashion. Instead, concentrate on improving this world for the workers who build and maintain it, not on mimicking the idle habits of the wealthy capitalists. No Gods and No Masters comrades, no matter what they wear!

Fashion Edition Spring and Summer 1911 [The Bisbee Daily Review]

Friday, April 1, 2011

Tammany Hall Senatoral Candidate Wins in New York

Tammany Hall's choice for the New York Senate seat vacated by Republican Chauncey Depew won yesterday in the displaced state legislature despite an effort by insurgent Democrats.  The election was a straight party-line vote with James O'Gorman winning with 112 Democratic votes and incumbent Depew receiving 80 Republican votes.

The three-month impasse came about when 19 legislators, led by State Senator Franklin Delano Roosevelt, refused to vote for a candidate perceived to have been picked by non-member political bosses.  In January, Tammany's man former lieutenant governor William Sheehan.  Sixty-three joint assembly and state senate ballots followed through the last three months, with William Sheehan just shy of winning right out.  Other candidates were put forth including Daniel Cohalan, the right-hand man of Tammany Hall Boss, Charles Francis Murphy.

However, with the opening of the special session of Congress looming on April 4, the legislature felt pressured to pick a new Senator.  Murphy put forth the New York State Supreme Court Justice, James O'Gorman, as a "compromise" candidate.  He was able to win over the Insurgent Democrats by promising that no reprisals would be exacted against them for their roadblock against Tammany's candidates.  With that promise, opposition of O'Gorman crumbled, in the words of the New York Tribune.  With only a few legislators standing with him, Roosevelt voted for O'Gorman during the joint ballot but not in the Democratic Caucus.

While the Insurgents tried to console themselves by saying that won a victory by derailing the candidacies of Sheehan and Cohalan, I agree with the view of the Tribune that the election of O'Gorman still cements Tammany Hall's and Murphy's role as leader of New York's Democratic Party.  O'Gorman was Tammany Hall's man and the judge's actions yesterday seemed to be instep with Murphy's moves on Thursday and Friday to bring insurgents to heel.  Some upstate Democrats, such as Dr. Bush, were upset that Sheehan and the results of the first democratic caucus were being pushed aside so soon when public opinion would surely bring the insurgents around.  To this, State Senate Majority Leader Al Smith told the caucus:
I believe we made every possible effort and sacrifice to keep alive the principle of majority rule.  While our duty in the first instance is to the people, we have a duty under the federal statutes to elect a Senator.  Even the most rabid of us must have become convinced of the impossibility of maintaining the position imposed on us by the first caucus and electing a Senator.  There would have been no excuse for us if Congress had convened and we had elected no senator.
The Minority Leader, Senator Brackett, later stated his sadness that the insurgents had labored so hard to defeat Tammany Hall's chosen candidate only to have a senator that is even closer to Murphy than Sheehan was.  To which Roosevelt replied:
I think the best reply I can make to Senator Brackett is that now we are a united Democratic party, while the united Republican party still casts its votes for Chauncey M. Depew.  For two and a half months certain Democrats have stood out because they believed the best interests of their party and the state demanded it.  Those men today consider themselves regular Democrats and resent any imputations of irregularity.  I believe the party has been passing through a necessary ordeal after seventeen years of Republican misrule.  The Democrats have put forward a man who will represent no narrower interests than those of the whole state.
Link: O'Gorman Senator; Murphy Wins Out [The New York Tribune]

Top 5 Viral Pictures of 1911

The computing machine firm Google has released a reel of the top five viral pictures for the first three months of this year.  Some very funny stuff:

Don't worry, later today we will have a normal news article, but I felt we needed some lighter fare after all these fire articles.